About Us

Mabunda Communications t/a FlairConcepts & Media is a business venture
specializing in communications,productions,marketing, advertising and related services.

The company is dedicated to providing professional, customer-oriented and value-adding services for the maximum benefit of its corporate, organizational and individual clients.

The business was founded in 2015 by a media specialist and Regent Business School (RBS) alumnus, Mr Hlayiseka T Mabunda.
The Director holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the RBS, and is currently working towards attaining an MBA Degree.


  • To become a leader in our market segments, providing integrated
    professional and value-adding services for our individual, organizational,
    corporate customers, and the public sector.
  • To become a company that every business wants to do business with.


Flair Concepts & Media operates in the advertising and marketing space. We also manage publishing and production processes.

The Flair Online Magazine (www.flairmagazine.co.za)

The Flair Concepts Magazine, our flagship project, caters to the artistically inclined, the literary lover and the developmentally-minded. Our readers push themselves to the limit and are passionate about fulfilling their goals.

Limpopo & Beyond

Online Small biz
R1200.00 *negotiable

Flair Online advertorials

Flair Online Corporate

*FLAIR Public Relations

We do public relations for NPOs, community developers, corporate clients, artists, producers, DJs and other creatives.

Revised Flair Rates 14.07.2020

# Press/Media releases + Distribution service : R900.00
# Promotional article : R900.00

# PR Advice: R800 to R1000 ( negotiations depending on project complexity and what needs to be done.)

> Projects = Hourly × Total Estimated Time to Complete the project.
(Proposed Hourly rate : R300.00)

#Public Relations Campaigns
Day long : R1500
Week Long : 5000 (negotiable)
Month Long : R10000 (negotiations depending on project complexity and what needs to be done.)

*Monthly retainer for small business and non profit organizations : R1000. 00*

*Monthly retainer for corporate and political organisations: R3000.00
Contact Information:
Hlayiseka T. Mabunda
Editorial & Sales Director

+27 73 687 1395

Email: sales@flairmagazine.co.za
Gmail: flairconcepts15@gmail.com

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