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The Reg on the rise

“Before I started making music, I was more into being a DJ.” Dzunisani Reggan Sambo from Ka Kheyi Village out in Giyani says music is something he has always loved. He spoke to the Flair Magazine Editor Hlayiseka T Mabunda about his budding musical career.

While I was in primary, I got my first computer and that’s where it all began. I knew a guy who was  into music and he was a very close friend. He used to take me to his gigs. I think it was 2009 when I managed to get Fruity Loop 5.

Sambo says he then started making music, but it took him years to release his music because he wanted to learn more.

“During the process, I released 3 tracks and it didn’t go as I had hoped for,”he says.

Around 2011 he tried recording with a local artist called Mpfuneko who is also known as Tay C, and together they made a hip hop track which did better than the first music he had made alone.

“2014 we made One Big Family with Max Traix, Young Z And Tay C. Tim Carter produced that track and December Vibe. I was a member of BNDVG at the time.”

Sambo says in 2019 he changed to Amapiano with a touch of Qqom. “I released an EP called Devine and Aku Olovi (It’s not easy) that had 5 tracks. I worked with Terry, Stillo and MaBenny. We recorded a couple of tracks with John Learn and others.”

In 2020 the Reg, as he is known to fans,  released another EP called Revival and Piano Fire, followed in 2021 by another EP which he made with Doc Maphola titled 2Kings.

Sambo says his stage name was inspired by his brother, whose Facebook name is TheRon.

“My stage name that time was DJ Can. Then I changed my Facebook name to TheReg then in 2019 I changed my stage name to TheReg.”

Sambo says he composes his own music. “I do all my music on my own. I just feature artists,” he avers.

TheReg says he loves working with like minded people, because he thinks it is more exciting “when we are sharing ideas and trying to figure out the right thing for the song. I enjoy working when I have someone who can give me ideas when we are making music. It’s a wonderful experience working with people who are talented and determined.”

Making music is one thing, but is his music well received? TheReg is not shy to answer that question with an ounce of confidence in his bone. He says he makes music that his parents will be proud to listen to.

People say you will never get support from your Kasi but I got it. Kids, the youth and adults love my music. My music does not contain strong language. I make music for everyone.

TheReg says he is currently recording a new EP for a local artist named Mvuleni, and he is also planning to release more music soon, which will hopefully be with a well known artist.

In terms of highlights,  theReg doesn’t think he has been at the best stage of his musical career yet.
Nonetheless in 2019 this upcoming musical star had the privilege and fortune of working with some international musos such as Natio G from Malawi, Washcudo from Zimbabwe, and Greton from Nigeria. L ocally he would be pleased to work with the likes of Simefree, Daniel Brothers and Henny C.
“If I work with these artists, I will have reached my goal and be a happy man.”

TheReg feels a bit let down by radio stations whom he says do not schedule his music for airplay.

“I will be lucky to hear my music being played at least once a week… I believe people working on radio stations and other music channels only play their favourite artists’ music. Music with vulgarity gets more airplay.”

However in terms of online downloads, TheReg is happy to declare that his music is not doing badly and for that he is very grateful to his fan base. He promotes and distributes his music via YouTube, which is a massively popular video sharing platform. And to further cater for a wider audience TheReg taps into social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Spotify, as well as the traditional medium of radio.

“Most times when I release music, I use local online platforms like which has the option of selling music. I haven’t tried online platforms like iTunes and others because I feel like I got to do more in terms of downloads to be certain that my music does better on the bigger stage.”

There is therefore no looking back for this young muso who has released a total of 5 EPs, and is hoping for a massive album very soon. He says his music invariably seeks to accommodate everyone. “Whatever you’re looking for you can find it. You’re feeling down and need motivation, you can find that on my music. I make Amapiano but I spread a different message for everyone and my beats are different too.”

TheReg says he is in the music industry for the love of making music and nothing else, let alone winning awards every now and then.

“Of course, we can’t be chasing awards while not chasing what our hearts desire. You need to love what you do. I’m so passionate about music and I don’t think I will ever stop making it.”

Sambo says local musical genres have seen a measure of growth in recent years and they can only keep on growing even further.

He says in just a few years, local music genres have gone from being South African trends to becoming an international phenomenon, finding their way onto dance floors across the globe.

Nonetheless Sambo would like to see our home grown music genres getting an even better treatment on the national scene. He says there is a need to do away with favouritism when it comes to how artists are rewarded and celebrated for their craft

“Favouritism is the first thing which should be buried. Our home-grown music must be more recognized globally in terms of award ceremonies, festivals and be aired on all music channels.”

TheReg would love to grow his fan base even further, and is therefore accessible via various Social Media handles and other contact information.


Facebook: TheReg Rsa

Tik Tok: Theregrsa

Insta: @theregrsa

Mobile: 0732608961




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