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Young designer with a vision.

23 year old Lesego Marebane is a Limpopo -born budding entrepreneur and the founder of CRAFTNATION, a clothing brand that promotes fashion in a unique way. He shares his story with Flair Correspondent Siphiwe Tsheu.

The founder of clothing brand  CRAFTNATION went through primary school in Limpopo and then moved to Mpumalanga, where he is currently based, to continue his secondary schooling.

Marebane says he started the brand in 2016, being inspired by his mom and granny.

Basically I’m from the background of Sewing Enthusiasts with my mom and granny leading at the forefront. I can basically say that I learnt everything from them. So I named the brand  CRAFTNATION meaning craft in this nation of my family.

He says the plan and vision for building the brand was to continue the family legacy.
“Just like our slogan Let the granny talk, meaning by wearing our apparel, you don’t have to do much talking, the granny (in our logo) will speak for herself.”

Marebane spends his spare time dabbling in Photography and Soccer.

The young entrepreneur thinks what makes him unique is the way he treats his customers. “I always make sure that they smile when they walk. I ensure to deliver every order on time and never delay for any reason.”

The business has helped Marebane become independent and responsible. He says his family can count on him as he is able to contribute meaningfully at home. “I was also able to buy myself a car,” he says.

Then came Covid 19. Marebane says the pandemic almost destroyed him and his business because he wasn’t able to do anything at all because of it.  “All I had was hope that things would get better and I’m glad they did, so I was able to bounce back.”

In the next coming years, the Mpumalanga- based entrepreneur sees himself owning a clothing shop housed in one of the biggest malls in SA, as well as owning a branding company for printing and embroidery.

Marebane also has words of encouragement for young and aspiring entrepreneurs who may be currently feeling doubtful.

“Dedication, hardwork and responsibility, not forgetting patience. That’s what it takes to move forward,” he avers. He challenges start
-ups never to give up regardless of challenges they may encounter along the way. Aspirant entrepreneurs can also check out videos on Youtube where they will certainly learn a lot about entrepreneurship and how to get started.


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