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Clinical psychologist Phindile Getrude Sibisi is a multi-faced individual with a passion for workplace and employee development. Ms Sibisi is the founder of NNN Wellness and Consulting Services, a wellness company based in Johannesburg. Her passion for employee wellness has seen her work for companies in both private and public sectors. She believes that employees are an organisation’s backbone, and if adequate attention is given to taking care of their wellbeing, organizations can achieve tremendous success.

NNN Wellness and Consulting Services offers services in 3 specializations, namely: Wellness, Consulting & Mental Health.

NNN Wellness & Consulting Services assists companies and organizations implement effective wellness programs that do not only drive efficient and productive working relationships between employers and employees, but also create an environment where everyone is an asset.

Ms Sibisi is a Pretoria born clinical psychologist, who holds a Bachelor’s degree and Honours degree in Social Sciences from the University of Pretoria. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences majoring in Clinical Psychology which she obtained at the University of Limpopo (Medunsa Campus). She completed her internship within the Wits circuit (Tara and Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital) and proceeded to work for the Department of Correctional Services where she completed her community service before qualifying as  an independent practitioner.

Upon qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist in 2016, Ms Sibisi went into private practice. She has also practised in the public sector working with the Department of Health.

Her passion for employee wellness was given impetus  when she was offered employment at Legal Aid South Africa where she was in charge of the Employee Wellness programme nationally.  It is through this exposure that she saw a need for companies to have an effective wellness programme aimed at developing employees.  During her years in private practice, she has assisted a number of employees who have been struggling with work-life balance, even though they work in companies that have  employee wellness or assistance programmes which are regarded as effective.

One thing that I realized is that most companies have wellness programmes, but their employees are not well aware of them, hence the employees do not benefit.  There reason is that, employee assistance programmes in such companies are designed to be a one-size-fits all, instead of being unique & dynamic to meet the needs and challenges of every  individual employee. Therefore NNN Wellness & Consulting Services was established to meet and address such challenges.

The company focuses on helping businesses and corporates create dynamic employee wellness programmes that support employee wellbeing, growth and development; promoting a healthy work life that counters employee absenteeism, low morale and productivity.

NNN offers services in the following capacities:


NNN helps companies implement Wellness/Employee Assistance Programs (EP’s) that are geared toward company growth and promote a highly productive environment that sparks creativity, innovation and employee retention.


The company provides professional monitoring and evaluation. Consulting services evaluate the efficacy of the company’s existing wellness program and accurately guide and support the company by identifying loopholes and proffer solutions.

Mental Health

The company provides mental health services (individual therapy, group therapy, debriefing, programs and workshops) that are aimed at developing an employee’s mental health to deal with challenges such as stress and anxiety, bereavement, conflict, absenteeism, etc thus promoting growth, effective communication and inclusivity.



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