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Mzamani Norman Hlungwani and Marvellous Vonani Mabunda are a couple that believes in building a business empire and creating their own legacy. This, after they  ventured into entrepreneurship in the year 2019, and they have been crawling their way to success in business ever since.

Xtima Torha is their newly established venture, operating in the bottled water industry. The business which caters for all types of events is situated in Tzaneen town. Located at 32 Agatha Street in Tzaneen,  Xtima Torha caters for clients, young and old, in both urban and rural areas in the entire Mopani district and parts of the Collins Chabane municipal area in the Vhembe district.

The company also provides a service in personalized water bottles for its customers.

We were brainstorming ideas of running a business that would be rarely affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Then preparing water came into our thoughts. At first it was just an idea but before we knew it the idea had turned into an establishment.

This business couple believes that water forms an most important part in our daily diet, in this hot climate, with most people now trending into living and sustaining  healthy lifestyles.

The astute business duo is acutely aware that the competition in the bottled water industry is very high, because this is a growing industry.

The competitive market comprises  small and newly established companies, as well as big and well known brands.

At the moment we do not have employees. However we hope that we will be able to assist in the creation of jobs as well as offering young people necessary training in this industry.

Everyone is encouraged to lead a healthy life during this time of the pandemic. The duo hopes that  people will support their business and drink water for their own health.

For Mzamani and Vonani the sky can only be the limit, as more is still to come from their entrepreneurial bag. Watch the space.

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