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Music that inspires the African child

Motlalekgotso Ponya  was born and bred in a small village in the Eastern Cape called Tsolobeng, outside the one- street town of Mount Fletcher.

I got into music after my poetry performance at Soweto Theatre’s Poetic Thursdays show. For that show I had teamed up with Cacherel to fuse my poetry with music and since then I never looked back.

His stage name is Entshophuthi Tsopia, which is inspired by his clan name, Lephuthing, and the fact that he loves being black, hence the nickname Entsho. Tsopia is the nickname of his village Tsolobeng where he grew up.

The music I am doing comes from my poetry book, Letotoba, hence the name of my album is called Letotoba. I composed those poems but the melodies were composed by Cacherel, a musician who comes from the Congo.

Ponya  says working with other artists is inspirational as he gets to learn and draw from their creativity as well. He says his music is well received, but the challenge is to expose it to more audiences. At the moment he is engrossed in promoting his work on different media platforms and building a name for himself.  Entsho is currently promoting the music with his business partners, namely Kunene Creatives, who are dealing with his photography and videography.

Highlights for me include being in studio working on the album and also embarking on a radio tour promoting my work.

Entsho began his African music career working with Damo Mokgatla and he says he is  working with Cacherel from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To date, Entsho has a music album titled Letotoba that has 6 songs on it.

He says his music gets played on local radio stations and some online radio platforms where he has  managed to take his music. Nonetheless he would love to hear his music play on national radio and major TV music channels.

My music is about loving one another as Africans. It is also about inspiring an African child to stand up and do something for him/herself.

Entsho says there is still more work to be done to promote his music to a greater audience. He is therefore available on social media platforms such as  Facebook as Entshophuthi Lephasa Tsopia, on Instagram as  Entshophuthi and on Twitter @Entshophuthi. You can also reach him via Whatsapp at 0710318108.

Entshophuthi’s music is available on online streaming platforms such as Amazon music, Apple music, Spotify and others. He says music is all about artistic expression.

I think people are yet to accept themselves the way God created them, but I am happy to see Big Zulu, Sjava, Ntate Stunna, Malome Vector, Morena Sway, Morena Leraba doing their bit to promote the mother tongue but it is not enough. I would love to see more local music played on radio and TV without payola.


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