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DJ Norma on the decks

Nomalizo Penelope Gasa, well known as DJ Norma PG, grew up in a small township called Kwandengezi  at Durban’s South Beach. Her family now resides at Morningside Westgate Gardens.  DJ Norma spoke to the Flair Magazine about her career in the music space.

How I cut my teeth into the game of music is really funny. It was a bet I had with my dad that got off the ground my musical career. My dad had a rather backwards mindset that there were certain things that could only be done by men and I didn’t agree with him, so I told him that there were female DJs, who by then were DJ Cndo, Vynal Queens just to mention a few . They invaded what was mostly male dominated and had already become household names, my dad simply laughed at me and said “they’re taking chances”, that’s when I told him that I would challenge his mindset.

I grew up as a dancer.  So you are obviously going to love music when you’re a dancer.


At primary school I used to take part in debate competitions so being in front of many people wasn’t something I was scared .

In February 2007 I started going to clubs at South Beach in order to get somebody to teach me how to DJ and luckily I got a DJ called Solo. He’s the one who gave me basic skills about the decks. I then met DJ Bhabhano from KwaMashu who had witnessed me play what we call Amahhashi, meaning the tracks were not well connected because I had only had a week’s learning on how to DJ. He then taught me one trick that got me to where I am today and I thank him a lot for that.

A month later I told my dad that I was then a DJ and he was confused and was worried about school because I was still doing grade 9 then. I had to take him to Chill Action Bar on South Beach where I was playing and he was so proud of me. From that point mom and dad gave me full support and approval to play on weekends and that was how DJ Norma PG started.

Pls tell us what inspired your stage name.

A good friend of mine Nokwanda gave me the name PG . When I attended school at ParkHill I was using my second name Penelope and she just felt like my name was too long and so she said she would call me PG from then onwards. The name Norma also comes from my name uNomalizo, hence I go by the root name of DJ Norma PG.

Who do you work with to create your music?

I work with a lot of artists just so I gain more experience and knowledge. So my very first single that never came out because we lost the project, was called Celukuba umunt wakho which was produced by TNS.

Uzophumelela the single  was produced by RoughChild, Walk with me was produced by Franko Beats.

What is it like working as a group in terms of writing composing and producing the songs? 

Writing and making music is no child’s play. It takes a lot, but for me I think it comes naturally. I’m from a musical family . We work overtime, sleepless nights and all that. When it comes to making a song , you need to be focused. You also need to be ready and have a lot of love for what you are doing. I always put mutual respect in every single thing that I do because we have different personalities. So with a little respect everything becomes concrete.

Is your music well received? Tell us more about how people are loving your music?

I think my fans really show me love when it comes to that, they download and share my music so hey I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for their love, support and constantly pushing me to do better you know.

My fans attend my gigs or events that I plan, it’s just a lot of love and I love them more for that. They are the reason I don’t give up.

What are you currently working on now and with whom?

Currently because of my work of serving in the SANDF some of my plans are just on hold, but I have 4 singles that are ready to be released.

The genres are IPiano and Afro-tech so I hope people are ready to burn because the tracks are insane. I just hope they will receive the music well though. So my upcoming single called Uthando Lwakho  was produced by DJ Mamela, a local artist from Phalaborwa.

Basically on my upcoming projects I have worked with DJ Kafro , DJ Kaybee (khumbulani Xulu) DJ Ayo, DJ Lungzin , Chico Lino , Bulinki the Tailor and Leon -Ou.

But in general I’ve worked with a lot of local artists that I think also need to be appreciated by me and my team .

Their support for my career made a stir in my life, so I’ll just name a few : TNS who is really loved globally. He produced Club Controller, My Dali , Banomoya. He was my friend before he made it in the music industry and he’s still my friend even now.  He supports me whenever he can and I love him for that.

Benny Snethemba Jentow, one of DJ Norma’s dancers.

I have also worked with DJ ale-soul from Soulistic Agency , DJ Sbo (West ink) , Naked Boys, Newlands Finest ,DJ Tropica, DJ Temlaz ,DJ Sweeto, Miasco Production , Kobela Production , Htee , Htee jr, DJ Shiloe, Lady Shicks , Tbose , DJ mlindos, DJ chucks, Thallix ,DJ manu-T, FanziSoul & DJ loud C .

I had to mention a few but I love everybody that has made a positive impact in my life, period!

What have been some of the best highlights of your career, if any?

My biggest highlight is everytime I get on stage and my fans are screaming my name and dancing their asses off, I know most of the male DJs are scared to perform after me but it’s just my calling, nothing more. I am born for this. Music is my breath!

How much airplay (on radio stations) are you getting for your music? 

I only get air play when I’m being interviewed, shame I don’t wanna lie. I’m struggling to get air play and it drains my brand backwards because I want everyone to know my music and my work. It’s not enough for me. I need more air play.

How many offerings (singles, albums/EPs) have you released since you started on your music career? 

I have released two singles so far, namely Uzophumelela and Walk with me and two music videos that are on YouTube.

What’s your music about? What do you call your type of music?

My music is about music, I don’t have a special genre that I play everytime when I perform, NO! I just play what my fans want, which is mostly AmaPiano , African House , Deep house , Afro Tech and Gqom. I just play music . When it comes to making music I let the beat drive me to what I want to write and sing about. My spirit leads me…

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WhatsApp: 0783340386
Instagram : DJ Norma PG

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