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Young philanthropist aims to impact lives

Sabelo Ndlovu is a multi-talented young entrepreneur and sound engineer; the CEO of future.com, a motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He is also the founder of an NPO called Future Initiative that seeks to make an impact in the world through a total transformation of youth’s minds, equipping them into leaders and helping them live purposeful lives. He also runs a YouTube channel named Life Lessons.  In an interview with Flair Concepts Magazine correspondent Siphiwe Tsheu , Ndlovu  shares his story. 

Who is Sabelo Ndlovu?

Sabelo Ndlovu is a 19 year old entrepreneur, founder of a marketing agency called Future.com. He is also the founder of 2 brands called Hustler’s Prayer and Donsa Bra Yam. He also runs a Non-Profit organization called the Future Initiative which aims at transforming the behaviour of young people through a “mind-management” campaign by which we aim to train and renew the mental attitude of young people to equip them for leadership. 

I was born and bred in Ivory Park and went to the schools this side. I grew up without my mother in which case I feel that, that caused me to become a careless and reckless individual at some point. One person who has always been there for me is my brother who contributed immensely in my growing up by playing the dual role of both mother & father. One of the most essential principles I can say I learnt from him was responsibility. He taught me how to be a responsible individual. During the time of my stay with him, I can say I did not see the value of his teachings, but I later discovered how important they were, and by this I can say that I’m grateful that he taught me the most  important principles.

 Can you say that your growing up had an impact in molding a leader and Philantropist out of you?

Yes, I can say that I learnt a lot during my growing years. At some point during my early teen years I can say I was a bit too inquisitive. I got myself engaged in so many activities which I can say contributed to building my personality. One of the biggest highlights was when I became a dancer. I learnt a lot during that period, and one of the striking lessons I learnt from that experience, was to always be humble and never allow myself to be too proud. 

My growing up has taught me that the most important thing to chase after in life is not fame, but purpose!  Hence I’m so committed to changing the lives of other young people like myself who are not as privileged; showing them that they can have meaningful lives, full of purpose. 

Tell us a bit about your Non-Profit organization, Future Initiative

The future Initiative was solely founded by me and was established this year in April. The purpose of the initiative is to build and equip young people into leaders of tomorrow, and we believe that the first place to start is to first change the way they think i.e. transforming their minds. The vision was inspired by the fact that many of our young people, particularly in and around my community are into substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol, and many of them are just living to pass time – doing nothing productive; So through this initiative I want to take many of our young people from the streets and inspire them to be better individuals and incredible leaders of tomorrow.

The initiative started with 6 members and now has 32 members. We hosted our first men’s talk on the 15th of April 2021. The event was a success, categorized by a mass attendance of delegates and talks which were apt and inspirational. I surely have my team to thank for the success because I wouldn’t have done it without them. On the 17th of April we conducted a successful clean-up campaign tagged #BeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInTheWorld which we held at one of the schools around the area named Rebonwe Primary School; Through this gesture, we were able to clean-up the school’s yard by gathering chairs that were scattered on the school yard, both broken and normal and organize them in one perfect place. We also removed rubbish and dirt that was all around the school yard. 

As an initiative, we are currently working on a project tagged #DoItForaBlackChildCampaign through which we aim to donate clothes, sanitary pads, blankets, food and other essentials to the disadvantaged in places such as orphanages and old-age home homes. 

What/Who can you say is your biggest inspiration?

DJ Sbu. 

Which achievements can you say are the biggest ones and highlights for you?

One of my greatest achievements for now which forms the greater goal and purpose of my life is to have the Future Initiative NPO growing and changing more lives. This initiative has given me the opportunity to be able to help and impact lives in a positive way and that’s what my long term goal is – to inspire and impact many more lives than current. 

What can you say is your 5-year goal?

My 5 year goal is what I have personally tagged “Future Five year plan” where personally I am working on being a successful business man one day.  I would also like to see the Future Initiative operating internationally. One of long-term goals in the near future is to see the initiative partner with Steve Harvey’s foundation.

Any advice to young people like yourself?

My advice to any young person reading this is:  start where you are. Use what you have & do what you can. The resources will not be enough, time will not allow. Just start somewhere. 

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  • Wow this is a very wonderful young we need more man like him in this world our young man have lost them self in drugs and booze and girls but its so touching to see a young man from the township having a vision its wonderful.

  • This is inspirational. I believe the future is yours Mr Future I remember when we met at the MOFAYA depot “Payless” you were so energetic and ready to kick doors , It is not by chance that today we you friends, family and strangers are reading about your story.

    Keep pushing NEVER STOP and NEVET SETTLE.

  • This Is Extremely relating with my storyline in some others parts, I respect the way Sabelo grew up. He never gave up but to see himself as a person who empowers and instill the mindset of the “Youth”. I was part of “The Future initiative” , this was the easiest way to gather my purpose and learn how to recognise my purpose. This article was helpful , I still appreciate what I was taught because it became worth it at the end.

  • It’s so inspiring to see young people bringing change into our community and uplifting the youth. Continue being an inspiration and don’t stop until you’re proud. 🥂🥂to living a purposeful life!!!! 🥂🥂

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