Hi le xitangeni na Lizwephila Shalom Mabunda laha hi kumaka swiletelo swa malulamiselo ya xakudya xa xintu xa Xitsonga, Xigugu. 

Xitsonga and English

1 Tikhapu ta 3 ta Mavele
2 Tikhapu ta 5 ta Timanga
3 Xilepulani xin’we xa Munyu

1 3 cups of Maize meal
2 5 cups Peanuts
3 1 flat spoon of Salt

Switirhisiwa -(Things to use)
1 Tshurhi
2 Musi
3 Ndzilo
4 Mbita
5 Rihlelo
6 Galachani

Maendlelo -(How to prepare)
Xitsonga & English
1 Katinga mavele
2 Katinga timanga
3 Kandza mavele yo katingiwa u mahela
4 Kandza timanga to katingiwa u tihlela kumbe utirhisa galacha
5 Hlanganisa mapa ya mavele na timanga le ti nga hleriwa
6 Chela a tshurhini, u kandza, u chela munyu u kandza ku kondza swi kovatana

1 Dry roast the peanuts until golden to chocolate brown.
2 Leave the peanuts to completely cool down (this can even take 24 hours).
3 The following day, grind the peanuts to form peanut powder.
4 Separately dry roast the maize-meal, also give it hours to completely cool off.
5 Mix all your now cold peanut powder and maize as well as the sugar, in a large bow
6 Grind them for a very long time in a pestle and mortar or even better, a traditional wooden crusher.
7 You’ll know it’s ready when it becomes an oily paste.
8 It is now ready to be enjoyed – you can sprinkle a little extra white sugar on top once it is served.

Xigugu does not spoil quickly, and can be stored in an airtight container then consumed for up to 12 months.

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