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Flair Time Out

Young philanthropist aims to impact lives

Sabelo Ndlovu is a multi-talented young entrepreneur and sound engineer; the CEO of, a motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He is also the founder of an NPO called Future Initiative that seeks to make an impact in the world through a total transformation of youth’s minds, equipping them into...

Flair Coaching

Living a purposeful life

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”- Robert Byrne. Anything that is created is created for a certain purpose and that includes us human beings. In view of this statement, Kenneth Thomas Mathye looks at a few questions and statements which can help you check if you are...

Flair CoachingReflections

A different CCMA

Kenneth Thomas Mathye gives a new meaning to the acronym CCMA, discussing how employers and  employees can avoid meeting at this state institution.  The acronym CCMA stands for Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. It is an Institution of the South African Government responsible for helping Employers and Employees resolve...