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Young entrepreneur seeks to impact his world

A coat of many colours

He believes in creativity and that everyone and anyone can become whatever they dream to be if they believe and not give up. Ndumiso Thabethe is a young, creative, excellent entrepreneur- and a coat of many colours. The founder of Young Squad, a Home and Décor Company, based in Umlazi, a township in the South West of Durban – shares his story with Flair Correspondent Siphiwe Tsheu.


Share with us a bit about yourself and your background… Who is Ndumiso?

My name is Ndumiso Jabulani Thabethe I was born in a place called Engonyameni, a rural area next Umlazi. My parents bought a house at Umlazi that’s we live in and where I currently do all the magic wood work with my team. I can say that my life revolves in and around Umlazi. I went to Primary and Secondary schools around Umlazi. After matric I studied Mechanical Engineering at a college and obtained my Mechanical Fitting Trade certificate.

About myself, I pride myself as a good person. I value people because I know that for every person’s achievement, there’s someone who will be there helping them gain it. I’m also firm believer. I’m very passionate about what I do and success is my daily thought.

You are the founder of Young Squad. How did that come about?

Yes I’m the founder and director of Young Squard. I also have partners in the company who are also directors. I can say that the idea was a planned idea ever before it was born. While I was in college, I used to pass by a place where they repaired and designed sofas daily; since I considered myself as someone who likes challenges… One time I went there and asked one of the guys how they did it, he then took time to show me how they did it, and so through that, I got the idea of what I wanted to do in future. The rest is history, Young Squard was born.

What can you say have been your most exciting moments as an entrepreneur?

Exciting moments are about knowing that everything is possible, knowing that a temporary disappointment is not a permanent failure.

Can you say there have been any challenges? And what were your motivations that kept you going?

Yes, challenges are like mornings, they come as they please; my motivation is Bob Proctor. I’m always inspired time & again when I read on his conclusions and thoughts from the book by Napoleon Hill titled  Think and grow rich. Challenges are just a stepping stone to success.

As a young entrepreneur, I’m sure there is probably someone who has inspired you or you’ve looked up to. Who can you say it is?

Ohhh my dad, He is such a great inspiration to me…

For a young person who seeks to explore an opportunity but are reluctant/ scared and feel incapable, how can you advise them?

I can tell them that if they have it in their minds they must believe that they can have it manifesting in the physical. And they must also have faith.





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