Andries Mosehle – A story of possibilities.

Man with a vision and drive

He is not only a phenomenal former soccer player, but he’s a man with a vision and drive to see his world become a better place. Currently working as a development coach, Andries Mosehle shares his life journey with Flair Correspondent Siphiwe Tsheu.

Kindly share with us a bit about yourself, who’s Andries Mosehle?

Andries Mosehle is a former footballer with one arm; very passionate about the sport and is currently working as a development coach.

Please tell us a bit about your soccer career, how and where did it all start?

I started playing football at an early age playing for a team called Blue Birds FC in Maboloka, Brits, where I was born. I later moved to Pretoria where everything started taking shape in terms of my development. I attended school at Rosina Sedibane Sports School where I really got to grow as a footballer and the dream of playing professionally started to look more achievable. I then joined Berea Albion FC during my last year of high school where I played in the then Vodacom league (ABC Motsepe) before I joined FCAK in the NFD later on.

So how would you describe the experience playing at the Vodacom league and how this opportunity provided you with more room to grow as a player?

Playing in the Vodacom league really helped me grow in character and also helped me toughen up because the league then was very physical.

So moving to the NFD, would you say the experience you got from the Vodacom league helped immensely, if at all?

It helped in a big way because I didn’t struggle to adjust to the level as much as I thought I would, considering that I had only played half a season in the Vodacom League before moving to the NFD.

So tell us a bit about your biggest highlights and moments in your sporting career, especially as a footballer?

I’d say the opportunity to play football and make it professionally has been my biggest career highlight and to do it with one arm is just a cherry on top.

Any accolades so far?

Unfortunately, not on a professional level. But it’s mostly tournament accolades, youth level achievements.

So how did the transition from being a full time soccer player to a soccer coach come about?

It wasn’t easy because it wasn’t something I was ready for yet, but I was forced by an injury to quit playing. But it has really been worth it.

So far which team(s) are you working with?

I’m currently involved with STARS OF SOUTH SPORTS ACADEMY in Bellavista, Johannesburg South. I’m currently heading the football department as we have multiple sporting codes.

Are there any players/coaches that you can say played a huge role in your sporting career? 

There are a lot of coaches and players who played a big role in my football journey and it wouldn’t be fair to mention some and not all, but Steve Haupt will remain the biggest influence.

So as a coach, what are your future plans? And for a player who is at a point in their sporting career where they feel like it’s not worth it, how would you encourage them?

My future plan is to take my coaching career to another level. Get myself more qualified so that I can be able to take this group of youngsters that I have in my team currently to a better level.

To any player who feels like it’s not worth it anymore, just remind yourself why you started in the first place. Nothing worth having in life comes easy, the harder you work the luckier you get.


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  • Proud of you poi… Childhood friends 4life! Growing up u always had dat shine to achieve bigger things, continue the grind.. I trust and believe you’ll make a professional coach.

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