Monster husband must rot in jail

Trial of multi-murder accused is postponed.


By Thomo Nkgadima

The accused in the Polokwane high court trial that started on Monday this week pleaded not guilty on all four counts of murder.

Lucas Phasha (52) who is a former attorney, allegedly killed his four children on Tuesday 18 February 2020 at Ga – Phasha Selatole village outside Burgersfort, Limpopo.  He allegedly killed his four children by hitting them with a nail into the back of their heads and then dumped them in a trench. The youngest child was found bledgeoned to death with a huge rock, kilometers away from the other three.

Phasha posted a tirade of Facebook messages accusing his wife Sylvia of cheating on him. He also accused her of not taking care of their kids, as well as infecting him with HIV, and warned that she would never see the children again!

Phasha ‘s children Katlego, 9, Joyce, 7, Tshepo, 5, Adel,3, were found murdered at two seperate locations.

The children’s mother Sylvia Monyela, 31, described the accused as a monster who commited a heinous crime and therefore must rot in jail.

Monyela spoke to reporters outside the Polokwane high court building, about the agony, pain and suffering she endured, before she went in to take the stand and testify.



“I was frightened when the news broke to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the lifeless bodies of my children lying on the ground at the crime scene”

When I see Phasha in court I get the flash backs of those bad memories of the past and the pain I endured previously. I feel so sad, and my heart is bleeding.

Monyela’s children were found murdered only hours after she had pleaded with Moroke police for a protection order against her abusive husband, who had become violent against her. She says she wasn’t helped by the very people whose work is to protect the vulnerable. She says if they had helped her when she went to them, her children would still be alive.

Monyela confirmed she had had a turbulent relationship characterised by violence before her children were murdered.
Phasha was previously convicted of murder in 2002 and sentenced to an effective 18 years imprisonment after he attempted to shoot his ex-girlfriend but the bullet missed and killed a neighbour’s toddler. He only spent six years behind bars.
He was also debarred from legal practice as a practising attorney.
Phasha was released on parole in 2008 and completed serving his time in 2014.

Sylvia Monyela only recently became aware of Phasha’s dark past but she believed he had returned to his home town to make a fresh start.
“I use sleeping tablets to sleep during the night. I am no more longer staying in the village anymore. I don’t want to see that place again. It is bad news. I have relocated to Pretoria to start a new life all over again”.
Monyela’s wish is for justice to be served.

A lengthy sentence will give me closure so that I can forget about the bad things that have happened to me. I can’t wait for this case to be concluded so that I can start looking for work and keep myself busy so that I can forget about this and move on.

Judge Gerrit Muller postponed the trial to 26 April 2021.

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