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Pat Kwena Seshoeni is an exceptional radio personality who has been in the media and entertainment industry, having worked for community radio since 2004. He is a man with over 16 years of experience, and he still continues to change and impact lives with his special gift, writes Siphiwe Tsheu.

Seshoeni also known as Dr K is the host of the daily inspirational midmorning drive show “Mosala hae” which airs daily from 9am-12pm on Voice of Tembisa FM. His career started way back in the 90’s where his passion for talk-shows drove him to be part of the station then known as Tembisa Info Radio, where he worked as a jazz show host in 1995. Due to lack of performance  and a lot of financial challenges, the station had to shut down in 1999.

The station ran out of funds, as the management didn’t handle appropriately the funds of the station. This therefore led to the shutdown of Tembisa info Radio.

Nonetheless this was a blessing in disguise, as Voice of Tembisa FM was started in 2004 and he joined in as a Jazz presenter, and was later promoted to be a talk-show presenter. Just like any other community radio station, Voice of Tembisa had its own challenges. One of these  was poor management, and as a result the crisis committee was brought in, which in his words changed the face as well as the performance of the radio station in a massive way.

The introduction of the new station manager in 2007 Mr Sonnyboy Masingi saw the station achieve a lot of development, upliftment, and recognition. The station started to improve upon him taking over the reins. This also saw the station build 2 new studios,  more equipment was brought in and the staff began to receive monthly payments, which was not the case before.

Over the last 16 years at Voice of Tembisa FM Seshoeni says he has met and trained some local figures as well as hosted international figures such as Jonathan Butler, and Mrs Joe-Ann Tyson from Texas USA, who came for her church visitation program in South Africa. Some of the local personalities include Sibusiso Leope also known as DJ Sbu, who was mentored by him and many others. The show “Mosala hae” has helped many people in Ivory Park, Tembisa & surrounding areas by giving them opportunities to share their stories and talk about issues that are of concern to them.

However, being in the current space and industry that he is in, comes with its challenges and opportunities just like any normal workplace environment. Some of the challenges which he faces is dealing with people, either fellow colleagues or subordinates, as well as members of the community. Some would respond in an inappropriate manner and as a host, you would need to learn the ability of self-control, where you are able to address issues both calmly and wisely. One of the challenges with community media is the fact that many community members don’t take full advantage of community radio.

Community radio helps the community a lot, in that it keeps the community informed about what is happening in the local area, unlike commercial radio stations, where you get to hear about general issues that are either national or on a broader scale. People tend to ignore this.

Seshoeni says the onus is on the community to recognise the important role of community radio. Every day there are a lot of issues and things going on in the community, and community radio is there to keep community members informed about those issues. However, in order to be a radio personality, the most important values that one needs to have is respect and discipline, says Seshoeni.

In order to be a radio personality you need to have self-discipline as well as respect. Just like whatever you venture into in life you need these 2 principles or values. This is because you will work with a lot of people who have different ways of handling or dealing with issues…however as a personality it’s important to know and recognize certain things as well as know how to respond appropriately.

Being in the radio space still promises to be a great journey for Dr K, with his show Mosalahae making waves. He still intends to impact more lives for the better, helping people deal with issues and allowing them to share their testimonies, and thus inspiring many others along the process.****

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