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The Poacher’s Daughter

The Flair Magazine’s editorial director Hlayiseka T Mabunda caught up with author Godfrey Malibe to chat about his first fiction book titled The Poacher’s Daughter which is a follow up to his two non fiction books namely To The Leader  In You_inspiring letters from a rural boy (2017) and MARRY ME TODAY LEAVE ME TOMORROW_12 Pitfalls That Lead To Divorce(2019).

Tell us a bit about The Poacher’s Daughter? What is the main story or stories in the book? 
The book is about a 16 year-old girl, Mmanaka, who lived her life on earth, went to hell and came back to earth. Mmanaka was in grade 11 when she lost her rhino-poaching father. As if that wasn’t enough, her mother died as a result of stress-related disease a few months after her now-Christian loving husband was buried. Mmanaka and her younger brother had no shoulder to cry on. Their aunt was nowhere to be found when they needed her the most. Mmanaka fell pregnant by her school teacher. She gave birth to a baby boy and she went on to pass her grade 12. The following year, she took a gap year. She decided to go back to school the following year. When the new academic year started, she was at The University of The North studying for a Diploma in Psychology.

She befriended bad company. Her two friends were into men and alcohol. She felt lonely and peer pressure got the better of her. She joined in. In the process of searching for a fatherly love, Mmanaka was sleeping with every man and in order to get her next round of drinks she slept with every boy. She lost herself in herself. Her loss led to a near-rape incident. That was the turning point. It changed her life forever.

Who is the book talking about? Who is the main character.. Why?

The main character in the book is Mmanaka. She proved that you can make mistakes in your youth life but still choose to bounce back, despite your unpleasant pasts.

How did you choose your title for the book?

I wanted to show that it doesn’t matter what a father does in life, bad or good, his children need his love. A fatherly love is a pre-requisite for the development of a child. The poacher father had a responsibility to give fatherly love to Mmanaka and her younger brother, but fate decided otherwise.

What was the inspiration that propelled you through the process of writing this book till the end?

I didn’t want to disappoint myself. I couldn’t allow that and it never crossed my mind that I felt like not finishing what I had started. I knew that this book carried an inspirational message that I needed to get out there to inspire those that see life as a hard-to-crack nut. So, the inspiration was to finish it. This book speaks to those who feel defeated by life, especially young people. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Who helped you get published?

I’m self-published. So, that simply means I finance my books from my own pocket. Luckily, I do manage. I’m able to save my profits for the next book.

What sort of help did you need to get published?

Tshwarelo Kgoshii Mogakane of 4IR Media House helped in the publication of all my books.

Some say writing is a lonely process. What was it like for you to write this book till the end?

The journey of writing this book wasn’t lonely. I put life into my characters and that kept everything alive throughout.

When did the book come out? Was it well received?

The book came out on 3 February 2021. It is still fresh. The response has been overwhelming. I’ve got a considerable number of orders. People love this book. The inspiration and the flow of the book make me feel it was worth the investment.

What sort of marketing are you doing to get people to read your book?

Through Word of mouth, Social Media (Facebook: Godfrey Malibe, Twitter: @rudig10

Instagram: godfreymalibe, WhatsApp 0814401196 and book-selling agents.

I pay a certain percentage if someone sells my book to another person. Basically, I’m selling my books myself. My contact numbers are 081 440 1196 and 076 896 4138

How difficult or challenging is it to market and promote your book?

Promoting a book is like a big mountain to climb for a self-published author. You don’t have the benefits enjoyed by those in the mainstream publishing industry because it really needs a big budget to be in those big bill boards in the city.  As a self-publishing author you just need to soldier on and get ways to sell your book. You need to knock on doors.

Any future plans to continue writing?

Writing is a calling for me. I’ll keep on writing good books. You can also check me out in various national publications. I already have a complete manuscript for a new book. I’m busy with the one after the next one.*****

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