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The Poacher’s Daughter

The Flair Magazine's editorial director Hlayiseka T Mabunda caught up with author Godfrey Malibe to chat about his first fiction book titled The Poacher's Daughter which is a follow up to his two non fiction books namely To The Leader  In You_inspiring letters from a rural boy (2017) and MARRY...



Mutsari: Enock Shishenge Ririmi a ri tshami ndhawu yin’we, ra gingirika, ri hluvuka, ri hluka, ri tlhela ri cinca ku ya hi minkarhi leyi ri tirhisiwaka eka yona. Valungu va ri: “Language is dynamic, always changing and evolving.” Ririmi ra ntsanyuka ri cinca leswaku ri fikelela swilaveko swa nkarhi. Ririmi...


End of a decade?

What was most inconceivable in the minds of many South Africans was to live to see the day where Malema would start addressing former president Zuma as 'former president', let alone meeting him over a cup of tea. More interestingly, the irony being that they were meeting right at the...