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July Blessing Mabunda, 20 years of age, is from Dan Village outside Tzaneen. The University of Limpopo LLB first year student loves motivating others to the extent that he wrote his first ever motivational book  titled Pieces of Life , after his father’s passing in 2017. He says he wanted to make the rest of the family proud as he felt that his father had passed away much too early.  Mabunda spoke to the Flair Concepts Magazine about his book. 

Flair: Tell us more about this book. What is it about?

Pieces of Life is a book that helps readers connect to their destinies by looking at the six aspects (chapters) of life which are life in general, life problems, relationships, time, success and happiness. The main idea of the book is for people to believe in themselves as no one can stop you from being a better version of yourself, but it can only happen when you believe in yourself. We are unique and the world needs all of us with our uniqueness to make it a better place.

Flair: What is the meaning behind the title of your book? How did you choose it?

I came with the title of the book as I was thinking about the six aspects of life and  thought to  myself that those  aspects were like pieces which help us to be who we are in life, so that is how the title of the book came to be Pieces Of Life.

Flair : Who were you thinking of as you wrote this book?

I was thinking of where I come from, namely Dan Village, which is mostly known for bad things. So I wanted to bring about a little bit of change to the bad reputation of my community.


Flair : What sort of research did you have to do in the process of writing this book?

To be honest I really didn’t do  any serious research, but I started to believe in myself after I finished reading a book titled “If I Can, You Can” by Sally Eichhorst. So after reading that book I started brainstorming a lot of thoughts about how people seem to be failing to be successful, and I found that was because they do not take the six aspects of life more seriously.

Flair: What sort of inspiration propelled you to write this book, from the beginning to the end?

My inspiration to write the book from the start to the end was really the ideas in my mind. Those ideas were pushing me as I took each one of them more seriously. This is why I call myself JB State, from my two names and the State is that mind which is the home of my ideas.

How difficult was it for you to write this book?

The hard part of writing the book was just in the second chapter of Life Problems, as I got stuck writing that chapter.

Flair: Was there a time when you felt you couldn’t continue writing this book till the end?

I never wanted to give up writing the book.

Flair: Who helped you to get this book published?

The person who helped me to meet a publishing house (called Information Giants) was Western Ngobeni. He is from the male choir that I joined. Then I spoke to the publishing company and we got along well.

Flair: What sort of help did you get to get your book published?

Information Giants were really helpful as they made everything possible for. They kept on updating me on each step until I became a published author.

Flair: When did the book come out?

It was September 2020 when the book was released for people to buy.

Flair: What sort of marketing are you doing to promote and sell your book?

I am using social media platforms such as Twitter @JBSTATE2, as well as Facebook and Instagram as JB State and on WhatsApp number 0640731786. The book can be bought at R120 per copy. I am still trying to reach out to radio stations for interviews. I am also trying to knock on the doors of bookstores. It is also a hard time for me to work on promoting the book as I am still a full time student.

Flair: How was the book received when it came out?

The first people to get hold of the book said it was a good book and it talked about what was really happening in life.  So far the book has been well received by readers, and I wish to reach many more people.

Flair: How challenging or difficult is it to promote and market this book?

At the moment it is really hard to sell the book as I am not very well known. Promoting the book is really a learning curve for me as I am learning each day to get the book into people’s hands and to get it into bookstores around the country. The book is currently  only available at PNA at the Tzaneen Lifestyle Centre.  However I believe that I will reach my target. I just to need to be patient and keep on doing what I do each day because underdogs always rise as time moves.***

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