Become Who You Were Meant To Be, Regardless…

Don't be held back by people's opinions of you, writes Hlulani Mayimele.


Sometimes, you must understand that perhaps the journey isn’t so much of becoming anything. Perhaps it is about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so that you can be who God wants you to be in the first place.

At times, you need to lose the current self so that you can really find who you are meant to be, that is, who God wants you to be. Unlearn the beliefs that you were taught about you, the ones that do affect your progress.
To become yourself, you must first stop living your life to impress other people and start living for yourself.

Find purpose and meaning for life, your reason for being. Do what gives your life meaning, something you are passionate about. Finding purpose for your life is a niche for living a happy life. That is when you find fulfilment in what you do.

While you are in the path for advancing towards your purpose, you must be ready to lose fake people in your life. When you are in the quest for finding your purpose, you might lose people who do not understand your dreams. There will be those who will be threatened by your potential.

Always know there are people in life who are not comfortable having around them people who do or know something better that them. Some will stick around to monitor your progress or to wish for your downfall, even to find opportunities to destroy you. Scrutinise everyone closer to you.

During this journey, there will be those who will try to convince you that your dreams are way too farfetched and will always make sense in their opinions. Always tell yourself that you had your dreams before they could have their opinions about your dreams. Only fear will make you believe that their opinions make sense. Never allow fear to hold you back, instead, let fear inspire you.

You have to understand that for one to make an omelette, one must break an egg. To succeed, you must do the unpleasant, leave your comfort zone, break the rules. Break away from the set habits that do not help you grow and become who you are meant to be, regardless.****


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