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Female comedian Princess Lopie hails from Nkowankowa Section B in Tzaneen. Miss Lopie says her motivation has always been security and this is why she has several income streams. She has an online boutique called  Women.glam on Instagram which sells women’s clothes. She also works as a floor manager at her residence where she does most of the admin stuff.  She is also involved in promotional campaigns. Flair Correspondent Enock Shishenge had a chat with the Tshwane University of Technology full- time student about her comedy work…

Tell me about your comedy work. When did you start doing it? And how is it doing on the entertainment market?
A: I think I’m at a stage in my life where I haven’t really discovered what my passion is, hence, I find myself doing quite a lot of things at the same time but, I never really sit down and plan what to do. Whatever comes to my mind that time, I put it into action. I can’t be precise on when I started because most people say I am a joke. Whatever I say eventually becomes funny, but I think I started being all over the streets of social media from 2019. When it comes to the entertainment industry, competition is fierce. However, I’ve created good networks,Theo Mashimbye, Just JB and Thato Malebati, just to mention a few.

What inspires you in life?
A: 1) Charity- there are a lot of people who need help in our world everyday and there are a lot of people out there doing their very best to give it to them, which is why I decided to start an NPO called Azariah Campaign. Early this year I managed to donate 100 sanitary pads to one of the primary schools where I come from and again during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, I managed to donate over 40 food parcels to deserving families. Every time I see someone working hard to create change or make life better for people I am inspired and honoured to be part of the things that I can be.
2) Perseverance- life can be tough sometimes. It knocks us down and drive us backwards. But when people decide that they won’t let that stop them, when they pick themselves back up and move forward towards their dreams and goals, that’s inspiring!!
-The best ideas and inspiration also come in the quiet moments and times of contemplation. Mostly after meditation, in the shower or in the middle of the night. And lastly, my purpose inspires me to do best.

 What work have you done so far which you regard as a masterpiece?
A: Working on the #dstvcampaign for dstv

What kind of opportunities exist in the kind of comedy you do?
A: Promotional campaigns, short dramas, and collaborations with big people in the same industry.

What do people on the street say about your work? How do they react when they meet or see you?
A: I’ve been receiving so many positive responses and it’s really encouraging me to be consistent with the videos because with so many things that I am doing, I fail to be consistent.

What do you want to tell young people who are interested in your trade, both in comedy and in your online business of selling clothes?
A: In terms of comedy, I’d say they should never feel intimidated. And they shouldn’t allow negative people to poison them, whatever they believe, they should work on it. That idea that sounds lame and boring, dear black child, your breakthrough is in your hands. Also, people shouldn’t try to be like others. We don’t need an imitation of people who are already in the industry, we need something fresh. In terms of business, I believe so much in entrepreneurship. The decision to strike out on your own with an idea and plan to provide to the world is a tough one, but I always tell people nothing beats perseverance.

Who are the famous people you have met, or you would love to meet?
A: I would really love to meet Ah Mozisi and No Chill.

Have you got support from anyone who is already well established in your trade?
A: Yes. And their support really means a lot, especially because they have already paved their way up in the industry.

Where do you intend to see yourself in the distant future?
A: I always have the weirdest dreams with people I’ve never even met. Duma Ntando, Somizi, Dr Zweli Mkhize, Ah Mozisi, the funny chef, just to mention a few. And in all these dreams I had a one on one conversation with the above-mentioned people. So, every time I share my dreams with my friends, they say God is trying to show me my squad. I see myself having a reality show soon. And again, I see my clothing business growing from online to a physical shop.


How do you balance your studies and comedy work?
A: Dedication I guess and knowing why I do the things I do. Otherwise things really get rocky sometimes, especially during test week at school. Dealing with people is also another pandemic because some people are not patient, and some fail to understand when you say you’re not feeling well. But nonetheless, it’s just through the grace of the Lord.

Tell me about your relationship with Church or Christianity. 
A: I’m a born-again Christian from the AFM under the leadership of Pastor Akron Nkwinika in Tzaneen and Pastor Frank Jacobus here in Pretoria.

What is the difference between the real you and the character you portray in your comedy?
A: People fail to believe this all the time, but I am really a very shy person.

How difficult is it to be a female comedian in South Africa?
A: I don’t regard myself as a comedian because with me everything I do comes naturally. Whatever I say or do eventually makes people laugh, so I don’t take the negative comments from bullies into heart, but I am really rooting up for myself to be one of the most influential female comedians soon. I want these young girls to look at me and have a reason to keep on keeping on.

 What pushes you to do most of your comedy pieces in Xitsonga?
A: I am a very proud Tsonga who is really hoping that one day we will have permanent tv shows or more dramas in Xitsonga. So, this cannot be achieved if we shy away from our language. If we want people to take our language seriously then it must start with us.

How can people get hold of you?

WhatsApp: 063 319 6313 (business number)
Facebook: Princess Lopie
Instagram: princess_lopie
Twitter: princesslopie

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  • Truth is, I see so mich faith and audacity in this young lady who is of the same culture as me – Tsonga. You inspire us all, keep on with the good work; humelela n’wana mhani, eku kondza hi tinyungubyisa hi wena!

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