Don’t be a pro in unfinished business.

Finishing what you start requires commitment

Finishing what you start requires commitment and the discipline to continue doing what you have planned to do even when the excitement and support is gone, writes Tintswalo Christian Nkuna

Do you know that feeling of submitting your last assignment for the course? Do you now that feeling you get on the last day of your diet plan? Do you know the feeling of getting the last braid on your hair plaited? Can you feel that last day of the year at work when your company closes for the festive season? Or that feeling you get when you finally hand in your manuscript to an editor? These are all just random examples to get you to imagine what seeing something through to completion feels like.

A lot of us start with excitement but half way through, the excitement gets lost along the way and we quit. When you start something, you have that excitement of how your life will be once it is finished.

People around you may hype you up and promise you their support but in the middle of the journey they don’t always stick around. This does not mean anything is wrong with them, but you are responsible for finishing what you start and achieving goals you’ve set for yourself.

A lot of people have numerous courses they’ve started but never completed. Some of us have business plans and ideas we never finished drafting or implementing. Some of us have started many diet plans before and quit half way through. The strange thing is that we start things and leave them halfway only to conclude that “it doesn’t work”, when we are the ones who did not put in all the work.

You cannot say a certain weight loss plan does not work when you didn’t see it through to the end. You cannot quit on your business idea and then say it doesn’t work. You can quote all the scriptures you know and pray all the prayers you know but if you are not willing to put in work on your studies, on your business, on your relationship or your body, you will never see results.

We are approaching the end of the year and many of us have things we had hoped to do this year that we only started and dropped halfway through. I understand that Covid19 interrupted a lot of things but some of us have a developed a habit of never finishing anything. We hop from one thing to the next, one course to the next but at the end of the year we have nothing to show for our time.

Finishing what you start requires commitment and the discipline to continue doing what you have planned to do even when the excitement and support is gone. If you struggle to stay the course and finish stuff, get yourself an accountability partner who you will report your progress to. Find someone who will not take your excuses but encourage you to stay at it. The most important thing is that you become your own cheerleader and support system to see your goals through.

Also avoid taking long breaks from what you are doing. Have you noticed that sometimes we study only for 1 hour and then take a break for 2 months until just before the exam date? If you take a break for too long, you lose momentum and starting again becomes difficult. If you take a 2 months break from your diet or workout plan, getting back is harder.

You need to hold yourself accountable for what you said you will do and stick to your word. If you cannot finish things you told yourself you want to do, who should trust you when you say you will do something? This speaks to your own integrity, the first person you must keep your word to is yourself. It feels good to complete and achieve something. It gives you confidence in yourself that you are able.

Don’t let yourself down.
Remember that wherever you have quit or let yourself down, you can still go back today and start again. Don’t condemn yourself but empower yourself with the belief that you have the ability and intelligence to finish what you have started.****

Tintswalo Christian Nkuna is the founder of the Wise Maidens Network and author of Single Again.
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