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Mpho Nyangintsimbi is a finalist for the Miss Bachelorette 2020. The 29- year old philanthropist and community builder from Hammanskraal, spoke to Flair Concepts Magazine publisher Hlayiseka T Mabunda about her work as a woman who works for the empowerment of other women.

FCM: How did you get into the Miss Bachelorette 2020? How did the idea come about?

MN: Being a medical technologist who’s always in the lab and working odd hours I never thought I could manage doing other social things until my former colleague asked me if I knew about Miss Bachelorette South Africa. And I started Googling it and right there and then I knew it was for me.

FCM: What was required for you to enter the Miss Bachelorette contest?

MN: What was required was a picture of myself and some motivation on why I wanted to enter the competition.

FCM: What is the idea behind Miss Bachelorette?

MN: MBSA is a women empowerment project focusing on unmarried women aged between 25 and 50, who are philanthropists, community builders and serve as role models to young women and young girls.

FCM: What are the benefits of taking part in Miss Bachelorette South Africa?

MN: For me this is a perfect platform to reach out to women and remind them of the power they possess, the strength and potential they have. I’m an advocate for women and believe in women empowerment.

FCM: What would you say sets you apart from the other contestants?

MN: What sets me apart is the calling that I have to reach out to other women by equipping, empowering and restoring them. I have a passion for helping people in general.

FCM: How do you think you were able to end up as a finalist in the Miss Bachelorette 2020?

MN: I ended up being a finalist because, even though circumstances or situations did not allow me, I pushed myself to become that woman I wanted to be and I believed in myself more and had to channel my mind in the right direction because you can only do what your mind says you can do.

FCM: What was your ambition with regards to Miss Bachelorette?

MN: I guess I was more focused on changing the world around me until I realised that in order for me to do that I had to start by changing myself. If you look at things differently, the things you are looking at become different. That’s the power of perception.

FCM: How different was this year’s Miss Bachelorette from the contests of the past years?

MN: This year was a bit different due to the Covid 19 pandemic that hit us. We were supposed to have crowned the Miss Bachelorette South Africa 2020 in April but unfortunately we couldn’t. And also it has affected most of our duties which is to mainly reach out to safety homes for women, raise funds or even host events. And our sponsors were also affected by the pandemic, so it is difficult to proceed with the finale without funding.

FCM: Tell me about your relationship with the NPO that you are currently working with?

MN: I am actually the founder of the NPO and it is called Nyangis Foundation. So we basically donate sanitary towels and school uniforms to less privileged kids. We also have a few programmes running under it such as #babymamarise. This is a support group for young mothers. We teach them to be financially and emotionally independent.


FCM: You are also running a programme called #adoptanaddict. What is this programme about?

MN: This is a programme for young men and women who are addicted to drugs. We take them to rehab centres, and we normally share meals with them twice a month.

Click on image to connect with Mpho on Facebook.

FCM: Why are you passionate about mental health issues and issues around gender based violence?

MN: Mental health is very important and I feel like the black community has neglected it while we are mostly suffering from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.
Also issues around GBV start from not taking care of the boy child and assuming that they are strong and they know how to be men while the reality is that they are suffering, broken and nobody even cares about them. There are campaigns that are saying stop raping, killing, abusing,etc but what about campaigns about how to groom a boy child, how to teach them to relate better to women? None.

FCM: You say you need to get sponsors that can donate towards your safety home for women. Tell us what that is all about?

MN: Miss Bachelorette South Africa has adopted a safety home called Thyrest Restoration Home which focuses on women from all socio-economic backgrounds who were raped, abused, human trafficked and also sex workers who want out. The money goes to the home to help them build more facilities and help with their basic needs such as food and toiletries.****

Connect with Mpho Nyangintsimbi on social media platforms. Facebook: Mpho Nyangintsimbi. Instagram : nyangi_23 . Twitter @Mphonyangi
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