As described in biological terms, a heart is a muscular organ which pumps oxygenated blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system and other vital substances to different parts of the body. A heart does not only pump blood, it also serves as a description of who you are and it is a decider of your life.

A heart determines whether you should continue living or not. It knows what amount of pressure or pain your body can handle. It brings out the character and traits that define you. A heart gives you a sense of belief and boosts your confidence. Your positive life or successes or even negative impacts are all the results of this vital organ.

At times when you have gathered all the advices from different people it is the heart that has a final say, while some say “follow your heart”. It is hidden inside a human’s body but yet speaks and makes noise more than a noisy gong. We always say that you can never see a person’s heart yet more visible than we actually think.

Whatever the heart brings out is exactly what is inside, they can never be far apart. What occupies your mind originates from the heart and brought to life through your actions. No matter how well you describe yourself to the next person only your heart will bring out the real person that you are.

Is there such a thing as “a change of heart”? Well that is debatable, and of course based on people’s diverging opinions. In my own opinion, it does not change hence you find people quoting such quotes as “a leopard never changes its spots” mainly because their expectations of change of hearts are not met. What has room for change it’s a person’s mindset.


A heart is a powerful tool in one’s life. What the heart desires, the heart gets no matter the obstacles one may come across. Not even a heartache can stop it from going after what it desires, whether evil or good. A heart is the same organ among different genders yet defines who you are in a unique way. Biologically it serves the same purpose across all human beings and animals but to God it serves as a different meaning to each and every human being. For you to be a unique individual as you describe yourself it is because of the heart that is positioned in your body.

By: Shatadi Thongoane

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