Embrace your talents

Playing small with your talents is disrespectful to the world.

By Hlulani Bright Mayimele
Playing small with your talents is disrespectful to the world. As you liberate yourself from your fears and start working on your talent(s) and offer them to the world, your presence liberates them, automatically. There is always something good each one of us can offer to the world. Everyone has talent and something to express to the world.
It is your own fault that you cannot give your God- given talent to the world and inspire others. Stop asking yourself: ‘’who am I to be brilliant and talented?’’ Just tell yourself that, ‘’I can do it because I am talented’’. You will never live a fulfilling life by ignoring your talent just to make people feel secure around you.
Do not let society write you a script on how to live your life. Do not conform to the status quo foisted by people on you in order to make them feel secure around you. If you do, you would be robbing the world of your talents. Do not be scared of losing people in your life if it is for a good cause; embrace your talents.
Work on your talents, you would probably inspire other people to work on theirs, too. Do not be common. Always strive to do something different, something different from what everyone else does. The onus lies with you to embrace and work on your talent. Do it while you can, or else you will regret wasting your time. Believe in yourself. You are braver, talented, and capable beyond your imagination.
Playing small with your talents is disrespectful to the world.
Hlulani Bright Mayimele is a South African born broadcaster and an LLB student. He currently hosts a talk show called VMC Chat Corner, for an online radio station, called VMC Planet Radio, based at the Johannesburg Stadium. The show airs every Saturday, from 9am to 12pm, streaming on www.vmcplanetradio.co.za. He is an aspiring writer and a novice motivational speaker. Connect with him via social media handles, on Facebook: Hlulani Bright ka Mayimele. Twitter: @b_hlulani. Instagram: @kamayimele
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