Challenge your fears

Not Taking a Risk Is a Risk Itself

By Hlulani Bright Mayimele

After a thorough look at the ‘FEAR’ of not taking risks, I have seen people missing opportunities. Consequently, I have realised that ‘Not Taking a Risk Is a Risk Itself’. If you don’t take risks, you are risking yourself of being stuck at one place with little progress, or even worse, without progress at all.

The biggest mistake we make as human beings is ‘FEAR’ of making mistakes. Take courage and challenge your fears. You will be surprised to discover that your ‘FEAR’ actually was ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’.

You need only wisdom; it will give you the ability to anticipate consequences and also the positive results of trying. If you take a risk and become adventurous, it could be starting a new job, a new way of doing things, business or anything else , and you don’t get the results you expected, do not see yourself as a failure. Winners are those who conquer the fear of failure and try new things. When you fall, get up and dust yourself off and try again. Failure is not falling down, but staying down. Have courage to start again and do your best and hope for best results.

Always remember this: ‘One’s life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.’ Being born average is inevitable, but do not be common. So, stand out of the crowd and be the best others can look up to.****

Hlulani Bright Mayimele is a South African born broadcaster and an LLB student. He currently hosts a talk show called VMC Chat Corner, for an online radio station, called VMC Planet Radio, based at the Johannesburg Stadium. The show airs every Saturday, from 9am to 12pm, streaming on He is an aspiring writer and a novice motivational speaker. Connect with him via social media handles, on Facebook: Hlulani Bright ka Mayimele. Twitter: @b_hlulani. Instagram: @kamayimele



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