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Precious Joels bursts onto modeling scene


My name is Precious Hitekani Mashaba. I am 24 years old. I reside at Mhinga Village Zone 3, north east of MalamuleIe in Limpopo.

I am the sixth and last born of Mr. and Mrs. Mashaba. I did my schooling at Sunduza Jnr Primary school and at Jim Chavani High, and currently I am a Radio Production student at the Hillcross Business College.

I grew up being bullied because of my home background.

Though every individual is different in terms of physical appearance, I was laughed at for having big front teeth and was called names. Therefore my high school days were not as exciting and amusing as they should have been.

Smiling proved to be a difficulty for me. I couldn’t smile or laugh. I was seen as a joke by my peers. So I grew up as an introvert, preferring to be alone most of the times. I then took to reading books in my own company.

How did you get into modeling?

Honestly speaking at first a modeling career  was never my passion since I didn’t love my front teeth. However as I grew up I eventually fell in love with my body shape and started acknowledging the compliments I was constantly receiving from people about how beautiful my body is.

When I was introduced to Mr H Mabunda at marketing management company, Flair Concepts & Media, I decided to take to modeling and told myself it was time to show the world the real and authentic beauty that I am, and thus crawled out of the shadows.

What would you say are the benefits that one can derive from a modeling career?

I think modelling can be a very beneficial career. A person can find themselves travelling the world and experiencing all the beauty of the world, for example, we have seen Zozibini Ntuzi who against all odds became Miss Universe.

Modelling can be more than just clothes and make up. You could become a public figure and even become an influential member of society.

Being a model also means that one’s face will be out there to the point that they even become an ambassador of big companies all over the world.

As a result of that exposure, models also become motivational speakers and role models to many young people all over.

Where do you see your modeling career in the near and longest future?

Ever since I developed real love for modeling, I just want to see myself competing with other most beautiful young women running for Miss South Africa, Miss World and Miss Universe.

I believe everything is possible as long as determination is channeled in the right direction. Years later I want to open or have a beauty school where young boys and girls who want to be models will be taught and be trained from the start. I would also love to have a TV show that will constantly encourage people to love themselves just the way they are.

Any advice for young people thinking of a modelling career?

My advice to the young ones with a passion for modelling is that they must just ready themselves since this isn’t really a kind career. But if this is what they really want I would say they should go for it, be confident and have faith in themselves, be optimistic, and always work at improving themselves as aspirant models and most importantly stay healthy.

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