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A shining comedy star on the veranda

Just do what you love and people will love what you do.

Article By Enock Shishenge

“Die man JB Mackson is a hard worker. He goes an extra mile to give us the best content. His wardrobe has skits, tikhiva, leggings, tights, weaves, makeups, xibelani, tinjovo, dresses, hats, sunglasses, et cetera. I am proud of your work my leader,” affirms one of JUST JB staunch supporters,  Emmyboy Dzimamuhulu Makhuvele. 

Many people would want to become comedians, but very few are able to succeed in becoming comedians. Comedy is a very competitive field that needs sharp brains. This space is evolving and continues to produce brilliant performers. For comedians to keep their audience in stitches and remain relevant, they should develop new material that speak to the audience and current issues. Comedians practice their craft and as audience we only see the end product and think it is pap n vleis.

I have been following Jabulani Bornwise Maluleke aka JUST JB or JB Mackson for some time on his Facebook theatre stage  evherandeni. If it weren’t for the coronavirus I would have also liked to do this interview on the veranda. It has become a very successful stage, even my book ‘LOCKDOWN’, enjoyed that achievement.

Bornwise, as fondly known by people close to him, is a very humble and intelligent man. He was born and raised at Mahonisi village in the outskirts of Malamulele town. He started his primary schooling there and proceeded to Vurhonga School in Giyani and completed his matric at the Giyani High School. He is also a university graduate and works full time as a professional.

So far my comedy work is doing okay. My audience is growing daily. So far it has opened a number of doors for me. I am booked for MCing, brand advertising, acting and comedy performances. My goal is to see my work or myself on television. It may be any show, acting roles or adverts.

Maluleke can take any acting role on television, because he is a very interesting character in his own right! He says for him it is very easy to balance his profession and comedy.

I don’t prefer to say what I do for a living or my profession. The field of my professional job is ethical, confidential and sensitive in nature. But it is very easy to balance it with comedy. Monday to Friday I am fully focused on my profession and JUST JB comes alive on weekends. It is very simple because  JUST JB and I are two different people. It is something that you can testify if you can meet the two.

Maluleke’s comedy has attracted many people and still continues to draw a large number of followers. “My comedy is classified as motion comedy. Often I mimic people, an event or current affairs. And it works for me.”

Maluleke says his work takes different shapes every time he creates a new piece of art, however he loves all his pieces equally. “I honestly find it difficult to pick which piece is so far an outstanding masterpiece over the rest. Each of the latest work I do takes a spot of the masterpiece.”








He also tells me about his relationship with Penny Penny whom he likes to mimick. “He is someone I admire for his confidence. It is strange that I only met him once in my whole life, some time this year. But I look foward to have a personal interaction with him. ”

He says people on the streets love what he does and always give him positive feedback. That keeps him going even if he, sometimes, thinks of quitting. He says it is those praises from people that keep him going. “This thing sometimes takes time that one was supposed to spend with the family. I vi ku holoviwa ekaya. It is also costly because sometimes I have to buy the costumes for a particular piece.”

Maluleke concludes by giving the youth very powerful words: “Just be yourself, be original, be unique and just find what you love and do it. It may be something that is burning inside you and something that will please and satisfy you first as an individual. Do it with passion. Don’t push or seek for people’s attention and approval. Just do what you love and people will love what you do. Nothing stops you to explore yourself. Live life to the fullest.”

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