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Timeout with Nnana Sebelebele

one of a few gifted women in the South African make-up industry


Reneilwe Nnana Delight Sebelebele is one of a few gifted women in the South African make-up industry. She grew up at Abortspooort village, outside Lephalale in the Limpopo province. Her parents later moved to Mozambane, a small village in Mokopane.  Not only is Nnana a make-up artist, but she  is also a Chartered Accounting graduate from the University of Limpop.  

As part of celebrating women’s month in South Africa, Flair Correspondent Enock Shishenge took time out to speak to the twenty-something year old freelance make-up artist and owner of make-up company, Mannabeth Beauty Studio.

Flair: How did you get into the make-up industry?

Nnana: Make-up is something that I fell in love with, honestly. I wanted to become a chartered accountant, but I guess my will was not the will of God. This journey started in 2016 when I was educating myself to fill in the eyebrows and blending foundation on my face. I never thought my interest for makeup would blossom to where I am today. I feel I was supposed to have gone straight to makeup after matric.

Flair: Tell me about your educational background in relation to what you do.
Nnana: When my interest in makeup blossomed in 2018, I did some research and decided to choose one of the best make up schools to obtain a makeup qualification, and fortunately I found one, “The Big Makeup Issue Academy” in Johannesburg. I went to this school for only six months instead of twelve as a result of expensive fees. Financial crises kept me out of educational opportunities.

Flair: Tell us about your beauty studio.
Nnana: After failing to collect my qualifications, I refused to give up and ignored all the negative voices that told me that I would not succeed without qualifications. I fought a good fight of faith and believed in God that as long as He is in it, I would succeed.

Flair: What are the challenges in your industry?

Nnana: You always need to be up to date in terms of new make – up brands as a makeup artist. They differ. You need to find tricks on how to perform the same look when using the new product. You need to have a passion. We are many in this industry and you need to perform different makeups in a very careful manner.

Flair: Which part of your work interests you the most?

Nnana: What interests me most is that I am able to change the face of a human being to anything I need. I can change a person into a creature. I can change a young person into an old person.

Flair: Which work have you done so far that you regard as a masterpiece?

Nnana: When I do makeup I make sure that it speaks to my mind. I cannot express my feelings through words so my pieces of makeup are a form of communication. They are all masterpieces.

Flair: What opportunities exist in your industry?

Nnana: You can work as your own boss. You can easily do weddings and other gigs. And if you want to be recognized internationally you need to have qualifications.

Flair: What can you tell the young people who want to get into this industry?

Nnana: You need to have passion. Never stop pushing and motivating yourself. There is a lot of risk. You must do proper advertising. Market yourself. Use social media to attract clients. Believe in yourself. There is a variety of people doing the same. Practice will make you known throughout the world. Practice is what makes you the better person.

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