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A crying child

Crying for her pride


A Crying Child by Nyiko Ngoveni

My dreams my fate my future
It’s all been washed away
The value of my pride is no more
All my purity and innocence
Are being swallowed up by Monsters.

Wherever I go I fear for my life
Because I am surrounded by predators
Why am I being provoked?
Why am I being touched without my concern?

Is it a crime to be a girl?
Who do you think you are?
Taking away all my pride and dignity?
Oh my womanhood!My value!
You are being chased around like an animal
Ready to be slaughtered.

Iam crying, crying for my future.
When I cry no one hears my cry
No one understands my fears
Because no one hears my voice
Listen to my voice, I am a crying child
Crying for my pride.*****


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