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You are my red lips

A woman of strength and sustenance you are

MY RED LIPS,  narrated by Noluvuyo Hope Soyaya.

A woman of strength and sustenance you are.

You endure a lot your heart, body and soul can get.

But you still remain standing and stronger than before.

He insults you, belittles you, beats you up to a pulp, humiliates you and even takes your life but still you have a heart to forgive

He tells everyone that you’re crazy and stalks him yet he is the one who takes pleasure in making your life a misery.

He smiles when he sees you hurt yet he promised to love and protect you from harm.

He indulges in your cries, bruises, beats and mourns but still you have the courage to stay and receive more.

Maybe it’s not courage but the fear of being shamed in public and death itself.

He comes bearing gifts just for you to forgive him and forget but later he still harms you because it boosts his pride and proves his manhood.

Maybe he has been through this in his childhood- he may have witnessed his father do the same towards his mother but to him, that’s the only way he knows to treat a woman.

Maybe at work someone angered him or his boss is a woman ordering him around now he takes out his anger in making you his punching bag.

I guess the patriarchal system that states that he should never allow his woman be his redeemer in his financial situation or ask for help outside of his home got into his head because he doesn’t want to be deemed as ‘weak’ by society.

But that’s no excuse to hold up his hand to you or to even forcefully take your dignity by beating or raping you.

The emotional, mental, financial and physical abuse is too much for you to bear and to someone who is just introduced to it in the background and not receiving it first-hand like you tend to judge quickly as to why don’t you leave him or report his crimes to the police but it’s easier said than done.

Maybe you did report him to the authority and they took it lightly or maybe the evidence was too ‘circumstantial’ or not enough to take him to prison or the docket went missing.

As soon as he heard what you have done, he taught you a lesson you will never forget but through all of this you endured the pain and just ‘didn’t care anymore’.

As blows and beatings echoed in your body, as you cried and your heart was broken still you said a small prayer that God may just give you strength to bear this one more time.

You prayed that God may one day forgive him for what he is doing to you and you prayed that God may either make it all stop or death maybe your ticket to eternal peace from his abuse.

But through it all I commend you women for your endurance, your courage to still stay even though it was sour even when you found strength to run away, wherever you found refuge you still wondered if he was still ok, if he misses you or not still you cared for him after all he has put you through, you worried about him like a mother worried about his son.

That’s the power you have women- the power to pray for his deliverance and the power to forgive him.

Your red lips symbolise the hurt, pain and blood you suffered from him but also.

Your red lips symbolise your boldness, strength and endurance to surpass all that you have suffered.

You’re a Phoenix rising from the ashes, he may have rejoiced that he has finished you- yes physically and otherwise he did but spiritually you were strengthened and God gave you the power to forgive and move on.

I say again that I commend you dear strong women of God,

You are my red lips and your own red lips.****.


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  • This is an article, written from an honest place, women continue to suffer especially in the men they love. Well written flowing article

  • Beautiful lovely, keep up the good work, I’m so proud of you. There is definitely a lot of room for a lot of improvement… But you know what you did it!!! You #started

    Congratulations 🎊

    Zandile Tlhapi

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