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Unity in the business space

Time to regroup and recoup


How can one benefit from unity in the business space? This was the question and subject of the LCCI President Mr Albert Jeleni’s discussion on Wednesday evening,  1 July 2020, on the Bindurisa business talk show on BizVise TV, beamed live on the channel’s Facebook page, simulcast on the Limpopo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Facebook page.

Many of us have been hurt in relationships.  Many of us have withdrawn from networking and many of us have lost a lot. We need courage to get back to the game. 

Mr Jeleni talks about the definition and power of unity and why it is so important.

Being in harmony and one spirit

To Mr Jeleni it’s more about being in agreement to work together to achieve certain objectives, and  it must be beneficial.

Mr Jeleni cites examples  of the power of unity and the role of  networking through business associations.

We are created to be interactive beings, to learn from others, and most importantly trade with others. To do all this we need to be in a network – and that’s where you discover the power of networking.

He also delves into Economies of scale and Protection for membership of business associations.

He discusses the significance of Chamber membership, juxtaposing that with labour union membership, as well as online networking.

Purposefully reaching out is good for marketing.

Mr Jeleni discusses the benefits of belonging to a chamber of commerce such as the LCCI, and the kind of industry events available within the LCCI.  He cites  internal team building, as well as pop up marketing events. He goes further to touch on Guest speaker events, outbound missions, competitions and awards.

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Power of business networking

Posted by BizVise – TV on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Image: Lehlogonolo Thoabala, show host. 

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