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The subject for the show on Thursday evening 2 July explored the role of  Business Chambers as Guardians of Local Economic Development and Service Delivery.

Chambers are LED Guuardians

Posted by BizVise – TV on Thursday, July 2, 2020

The discussion was also about ensuring accountability and the creation of a conducive  environment to do business.

LCCI President Mr Albert Jeleni commented on the latest municipal audit outcomes report by the Auditor General Kimi Makwetu, which reveals that the country’s municipalities have lost R32.06 billion to fraud and corruption.
Of the 257 municipalities audited, only 20 have received clean audit outcomes.

Mr Jeleni went on to define local economic development and how locals including the business community should benefit from procurement opportunities.

Mr Jeleni reiterated the need for accountability, which means doing things right and in a transparent manner and making sure there is consequence management where things are not done right.

According to Mr Jeleni, a conducive environment is one that ensures the availability of necessary support for business to flourish.

Mr Jeleni invoked the Freedom Charter which envisioned that the  people shall govern. Mr Jeleni’s view is that Government is not capable of supervising itself. It’s also important that every business person should therefore belong to a business association or chamber to  contribute towards this guardianship role by the business community.

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