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Youth bridging the gap

Youth represent a defining moment in our history


The show on Tuesday evening June 30th, with Mr Albert Jeleni on the hot seat, looked at youth matters,  unpacking on the journey travelled since the youth of 1976 to the youth of today.


The show was, as always, hosted by Lehlogonolo Conquer Thoabala, director of the Motivational Drive. It was beamed live on the BizVise TV Facebook page.

The overriding question under discussing was whether the Relay race baton has been handed over to the youth of today. 

This was an apt discussion and a wrap of what has been a unique Youth Month since the dawn of our democracy, more so in view of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Mr Jeleni, in his capacity as the president of the Limpopo Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  amongst other roles, says this talking point was also triggered by President Ramaphosa’s June 16 Speech.

Mr Jeleni reiterated that the youth represented a defining moment in our history.  He said there was no difference between the youth of 76 and the youth of today, save to say they were both  unique and were shaped by the circumstances of their time. He cited the uniqueness of the circumstances of the 80s, 90s, 2000 and 2010s.

Accepting that we are all youth of our own time, each generation of youth is unique based on the circumstances of their time.

He also discussed the importance and role of technology in shaping the views of the youth and the resistance they could face from the old crocs who did not want to change with the times.

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