Do you know who you are?

How do you define yourself?

The question, “Who am I?” has challenged humans for thousands of years. No other life form known to us has the same level of consciousness to be able to ask this question of itself. But asking the question hasn’t helped us get closer to the answer. Most people still don’t know who they are. Do you?

The question is: do you know who you are? I am one of thousands of humans who were challenged for years to really find themselves and know who they really are. Now do you know who you are? Most people still don’t know who they are.

Most people, when you ask them who they are, they will mention their name, career, success and where they come from. Why answer with what you do, your achievement and nothing about who you are? Maybe it could be the fact that this person has not yet found himself or he still thinks he should define himself in terms of what he does and who he thinks he is.

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How do you really define yourself? Do you consider yourself to be your actions and activities in which you have engaged and are currently engaged, your hard work and successes?
If so, you will never come close to answering this question for yourself.
For you to answer that question of who you are, you should know who you have been chosen to be. God has brought you into this world because there is a purpose for you being alive. You just have to find out why you are on this planet.

Let me tell you first who you are NOT. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not your thoughts. You are not who your partner, your friends or who your children think you are.

You are who you have been chosen to be by God. That means you can settle for being the result of all the things that have happened in your life or you can be the person who has chosen to overcome those things and live above them.

So the question then becomes not so much “Who are you?” but “Who do you want to be?” Find out who God wants you to be and your purpose for Him to have brought you into this Earth.
“What do you want to be (when you grow up)?” is a question asked by people when you are young but we never ask ourselves when we mature into adulthood. And when we ask ourselves, it is not based on God but based on the riches and “comfortability” of this world .

You’re never too old to start asking yourself who or what you want to be. Once you’ve done that, start examining your thoughts, because your life is the result of your thoughts which become your actions. What you think will determine what you do, so get your thinking right first and your actions will follow.

Your decisions (the actions you take based on your thoughts) will paint a very clear picture to others, of who you are. If therefore you want to know who you are, look at what thoughts you think, what decisions you make, what actions you take and people you associate yourself with. This will give you an idea of who you are.

If you think cruel thoughts and take cruel actions, that’s who you are, “A cruel person”.

If you think kind thoughts and take kind actions, that’s who you are, “A kind person”.

If you think of witchcraft and cursing people to block their blessings and success, never wishing good things for others, that’s who you are, “Evil”.
If you have chosen to cheat on your partner, family, employer, employees, clients, people you meet, your friends, your colleagues, your church etc., that’s who you are, “A cheat”.

Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you’re an honest person. Your thoughts, which determine your choices and actions, define who you are.

If you don’t like what you see, you can start changing your thoughts to take responsibility for your actions and face up to who you have become. Find out who you are and get to know who you are. You can spend your whole life living as someone else, but you will die as YOU.****

By: Shatadi Thongoane


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