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I want to earn more titles and crowns

My name is Tinyiko Mbhiza. I was born on 28 December 1999 at Mhinga, and I was raised at Belabela in Limpopo.
I started school at Hleketani primary in Belabela in 2005. I went further to study at Maope High School in Belabela where I matriculated in 2017.
I took a gap year in 2018. In 2019 I did a human resource management course at I College in Belabela. This year 2020 I am doing a higher certificate in retail with the University of South Africa (UNISA).
I started modelling last year 2019, during the month of February. I met this guy called Zakes Mosweu at I College in BelaBela. Zakes is a designer and he came up with the idea of recruiting models. He was at that time starting an agency and I became his first model. I didn’t have to pay anything to join his modelling agency, the Zakes Ministry Modelling Agency.
Now I am no longer with the Zakes agency. I am now an independent model, meaning I do everything by myself. I join pageants on my own. Everytime, if I want to participate in a pageant, I ask for donations from family and friends in order for me to pay the registration fee.
Through modelling I get to be more confident, and I have a chance to meet new people. Eka modelling u va na high self esteem. U va na ku tiba xifuva ku ri you know what.. I can do this.
Modelling is something I have always wanted to do from childhood.
Ku va n’wa-mburhi ndzi lo tswaleriwa..if you can see me rocking my heels you will love me. I was born to be a model. Modelling is something that is within me. Modeling is my passion. I want to see myself in the future growing big in my modelling career, earning more titles and crowns.
I want to see myself crowned Miss Gauteng, Miss Limpopo, Miss Giyani, Miss BelaBela…
To young people who are thinking of a modelling career I want to say: expose yourself to the world of queens and kings and be one of the witnesses why modelling is still there.
Modelling needs confidence and high self esteem. You need to believe in yourself and chase your dreams, because people’s opinions will always be there. They will either lift you high or bring you down. When you are in modelling don’t take what people say too seriously. People will always have something to say about you, either good or bad. Learn to invite God in everything you do. U dyondza ku rhangisa Xikwembu eka hinkwaswo leswi u swi endlaka.***
***Tinyiko Mbhiza is now partnered with Flair Concepts to take her modeling career to greater heights. For bookings contact us at 073 687 1395. Email us @flairconcepts15@gmail.com.

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