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Killa Mezzay’s star on the rise

Vernac hiphop star riding the rap wave

Mazola Killa Mezzay, very well known for his lead rap lyrics in the group Bonfire OVG,  wants to see vernac rap and hiphop, especially the xitsonga genre, grow to greater heights.  He took time out to speak to Flair Magazine Publisher Hlayiseka T Mabunda.


This thirty something year old rap star, born Surprise Madonsela,  hails from the small village of Cork Trust in the Bushbuckridge area of the Mpumalanga Province.  His fondness for the internationally acclaimed hiphop star Tupac Umaru Shakur is evidenced by Madonsela’s nickname Tupac wa Mutsonga.

‘Im the first Tsonga rapper to bring Tsonga rap to life in my village and the surrounding areas , so my fans gave me the name TupacWamtsonga.’ he says.

Mazola Killa Mezzay recounts that he started rapping in his vernacular Xitsonga language when he was still a young  boy back in high school, where he loved sampling songs using his own verses even though a lot of what he used to rap about did not make a lot of sense at the time. As he grew up, the hobby made him realise that he also could be a musician.  Madonsela says he then started working on building his own skills, writing his own music.

A you read this article ,  Mazola Killa Mezzay has dropped his first  single titled Tricia Mapakisha, released under a new record label called Tribe La Groove headed by the well known DJ Matt, real name Matthews Mokoena, of Munghana Lonene fm fame.  The relationship between DJ Matt and Madonsela goes back to the time when the rap group Bonfire OVG used to make a lot of waves working under a production company called Plan A Concepts that Mokoena used to direct alongside his colleague Tebogo Magubane, now programmes manager at the SABC’s Munghana Lonene fm.  Madonsela, just like the other members of the rap group Bonfire OVG, has weaned himself from the crew and is pursuing his hiphop passion alongside his Tribe La Groove Manager and Producer DJ Matt.


Killa Mezzay recalls the role that was played by his neighbour and mentor Oupa Nyathi aka Gee, who helped in grooming and teaching the youngster how to write hiphop songs, and everything there was to know about flows, metaphors, punchlines and rhymes, amongst other things.

Then I started writing my own music in the early 2000’s when I met a couple of brothers who had the same passion. We made crews till I started recording in 2009 with my home boy. We had a crew named Chronical Force , we were about 9 members and we made an unreleased album. As time went on we had to go different ways after high school. Then in 2011 some of my brothers and I from Chronical Force rejoined and started a movement, recording tracks that turned into another crew which we named Bonfire OVG where we released two albums and recorded a lot of unreleased songs.

Mazola says the crew name Bonfire OVG was inspired by the music they made since they got back together the second time.  ” We only specialised in hits and the band was actually too hot, then we named it Bonfire OVG.”

The Bonfire guys threw in their lot together towards making a successful homegrown band.

In bonfire OVG we were all composers, George Thembalethu Mkhantshwa aka GTI Mahn specialised in vocals , Mbuso strength Dlamini aka also a vocalist, a rapper and a producer and me as a rapper who mostly specialise in Tsonga rap . It was a great thing working as a group coz it made it easier for us to do various types of music rather than focusing on hip hop .

The group is known, inter alia,  for songs such as Look A Madamme (one of yours truly’s personal favourite hits), Hustle, Genge Ra Vuswa, which is similar to Gagu by the inimitable Kwaito star MaWillies who is now late.

 The inspiration behind our music was simply what we experienced in the village and how the environment we live in was shaped , we talked about what we lived , saw and experienced. Hence we made jams like Look a Madam and so forth and so forth. People love our music so I think it’s good music to listeners’ ears.

Lately Madonsela says he is working on an EP titled FNB Flows n Bars. His latest and first ever recorded single  titled Tricia MaPakisha  courtesy of Tribe La’Groove, is also receiving a lot of love from listeners. The song is enjoying massive airplay on various radio platforms including but not limited to Thobela FM , Phalaphala FM, and a couple of commercial and local radio stations such as YFM . Mazola Killa Mezzay says he hopes that the EP that he is currently working on will do even better on the airwaves when it comes out.

I’ve only dropped my single digitally and I’ve been getting a lot of plays and downloads but I can’t talk about sales coz my music is not in stores yet .

The success of Killa Mezzay is pinned on the work ethic displayed by his team which includes producer Cassius Dlamini (also formerly from Bornfire OVG), who is also known as Silvertag.


Mazola is proud to have worked with a number of local artists and producers such as  Sawjah RSA , Beardo , First Jordan, Chadbang , Alutration , King Killa , Mafia Bandit , and Mpumie. He has also worked  on the global stage with J_Wail who is a house DJ from Colorado in the United States of America.

Madonsela says his  music is about the life we live on a daily basis and the genre is Tsonga rap music, a music genre which  does not yet enjoy official national status on music awards.

Though there are no albums as yet, Mazola’s music is available on all digital platforms and can be streamed on platforms such as  Killa Mezzay can be reached for more information and bookings, at  Fans can also connect with him on various social media platforms.

Facebook: Mazola TupacWamstonga Madonsela

Twitter: @KillaDonsie

Instagram: @killa_mezzy

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