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A poem titled “The Elderly”


Once they were young

These slow, slurred, grey-haired beings

An advance army that came before us

To tame the beast that reigned supreme

To part these raging waters

To cut this much trundled path

To prepare this world for us.

Once they were young

Think what they did!

Think what we owe them!

They found a country for you

The unity you take for granted

They found it for you

The road you drive recklessly on

They built it for you.

When overwhelmed by your spendthrift tendencies

You ‘Skothane’ thing!

Think who dug up the money!

Once they were young

They fought an enemy for you

They fought many a debilitating disease for you

They gave you the blueprint for your swag

What are your inventions today?

Theirs was the computer

Theirs was the transistor radio

Theirs was the television

Theirs was the combustion engine

Theirs was the anaesthetic

Theirs was sliced bread!

Theirs was the calculator

You, the youth that consumes

What are your inventions today?

The bravado of the young

Devoid of tact and wisdom

Glib and blasé,

Tumbling, stumbling sideways in a drunken stupor, fumbling

With gay abandon, forsaking age.

-Monde Nkasawe-

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